Get the best deal with these useful car tips


While searching for ‘car tips to buy a vehicle’, it’s quite natural that you will be bombarded with millions of search results which are distributed among lakhs of pages. However, it’s all about getting the right guidance for all kinds of buyers!
Have you decided whether you want to buy a new car or a used car first for getting grip on hands? Well, while many of you have already finalized whether you would like to have a new or used vehicle, there are many who are still perplexed.
Read on to get tips for every kind of car you are willing to purchase!
Car tips for purchasing new cars
1. Conduct a thorough research
Before visiting a dealer, it is better to research about the cars you think best for you. Know about the invoice price and not the MSRP. Know about the features, on-road price and mileage in detail.
2. Shop around as much as you can!
Before finalizing on any new car, it is better if you shop around a bit. This will help you to have an idea about the same car from various dealerships. Judge car dealers as per the price and features offered by them.
3. Check if pre-financing options are available
Instead of availing pre-financing options from dealers, check if you can avail a pre-finance loan from bank or credit unions. Review the prevailing interest rates.
4. Negotiate like a pro
Everything is fair in one’s love and war. Thus, negotiate like a pro with dealers and earn the best deal while buying a new car.
5. Look at all new cars
Instead on sticking yourself top one car, go through various cars to have the best as per your means. This will help you to have a proper idea about all new cars before finalizing on any.
6. Consider the purchase price and not the monthly payments
Instead of being attracted towards the payments you need to take every month, check the purchase price. Avoid being misled and settle on minimum monthly loan.
7. Never let your dealer know about your trade-in
Play your cards wisely and never mention about the trade-in price that you will have while buying the new car.
8. Check about car insurance
Know about the premiums that you need to pay while getting a car insured. Insurance costs are a major factor while buying a car and it needs special attention.
9. Avoid buying add-ons
Just get the car from your dealer now and settle for the add-ons at a later stage from online resources or other shops.
10. Test Drive it!
Check your comfortability level while you test-drive the car before buying.
Tips for buying used cars
1. Have a detailed research about the car you are finalizing on. You can even get a valuation from a bank.
2. Go for a test drive and check if the engine starts properly. See if there are any unusual vibrations or noises.
3. Judge the serial number and check if it’s a stolen car or not.
4. Examine its interior like- check the condition of hoses and belts, lift the hood, battery, oil level and other accessories.
5. Assess the exterior to ensure if there any signs of accident. Check the spare tire’s condition.
6. Know if there are any outstanding liens on the car. Get valid documents.
7. Avoid being trapped under any scams and tricks see that the ownership is transferred to your name the moment you submit your cash.
With these car tipsin your hand, purchase a car as per your affordability!